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Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer, I can help you in finding the property of your dreams. Please feel free to browse my website or let me guide you every step of the way by calling or e-mailing me to set up an appointment today. For the majority of people the purchase or sale of a home is their largest single investment. My goal is to guide you successfully and easily through the contractual, investment and emotional decisions involved in the Real Estate process. I am committed to providing you, your family, friends and anyone else you care about, with superior service and expertise and to make it the most memorable purchase of your life.    

Real Estate Professionals 518 Eastern Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21221 (443) 987-3736
  • Community Events

    meet at 1st Christian Church of Baltimore for lunch, discussion and networking
    2-21-17 6:00 pm - Nerdoporium 3600 Hickory Ave 21211
    Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group

    We meet every Tuesday at 1:00 check our web site at for more information. Even though unemployment is down, people continue to be unemployed. The challenges of job hunting call for personal,...

    Mix & Mingle with NAWBO
    2-21-17 6:00 pm - Nerdoporium 3600 Hickory Ave 21211
    Maryland, Virginia and DC Business Networking Professionals

    Mix & Mingle Escape the wintery blues and join us for a night of networking with NAWBO members and their guests. We'll share ideas and indulge in cocktails and pintxos (small bites). Get your <a>tickets here</a> before they sell out! All tickets...

    Tower of Stars
    2-21-17 6:00 pm - Nerdoporium 3600 Hickory Ave 21211
    Baltimore D&D Greyhawk Adventures

    Tower of Stars

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